Barre Effect Classes


We offer a variety of dance inspired total body workouts, from cardio based high intensity classes to flowing dynamic sessions, all teamed with our upbeat signature playlists so you can have the most fun there is while working out.


Our trained dance instructors’ have one thing in mind – to help you lengthen, strengthen and tone your body using our transformative combination of ballet, yoga and Pilates. Just think fun retro vibes fused with accessible limb lengthening ballet.


Barre Effect is designed to be dynamic, everchanging and FUN so you can BE the best version of you. Come and move with us and feel the Barre Effect.

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BE Strong 

Our signature class.

A Ballet, Pilates and Yoga class all in one! BE Strong class is a flowing and dynamic full-body workout that focuses on form, alignment and control. The choreography incorporates hand weights and small props to help strengthen and sculpt the body. Expect some burning, a bit of shaking and a whole lot of FUN in this signature class.

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BE Limber

Body, Mind and Soul

BE Limber rejuvenates the body, through sequences of mindful movement that combines strength and stretching exercises. Perfect for those who are looking to integrate a slower-paced, 'feel-good' style session into their workout program. This class will have you feeling balanced rather than burnt out; a gift your body and mind will thank you for!

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BE Fit 

For the cardio lovers.

BE Fit integrates bursts of cardio with Barre conditioning exercises to deliver an energetic workout that builds both fitness and strength. A higher intensity workout than our signature class, but each exercise can be modified to suit your fitness level. This class will have you working up a SWEAT and walking away with that addictive post-workout endorphin rush!


BE at Home

Live and On Demand

Our BE at Home platform features all of our class styles and more. Choose from full length or express BE Strong, BE Limber and BE fit classes, body-targeted workouts, stretching and mindfulness sessions. Whether you’re craving a high energy workout or in the mood for something more restorative – we’ve got something for you. Subscribe to gain unlimited access to our library of pre-recorded workouts and weekly live classes.