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We are bringing the magic of Barre Effect to the comfort of your own home. Our new online studio features a range of bespoke dance-inspired workouts designed to strengthen, lengthen and sculpt the body. 


Subscribers have unlimited access to the BE at home library of on-demand workouts. New workouts are added weekly with our team of supportive instructors who are there with you every step of the way. 

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Gain access to:


Full Length (45 minute) BE Strong, BE Limber and BE Fit sessions.

Bringing our signature studio classes to you in your own home.

Express (30 minute) BE Strong, BE Limber and BE Fit sessions.
Perfect if you’re wanting a good workout but limited for time.


Body Targeted Workouts – Upper body, lower body and core focused sessions.
Workout in under 20 minutes or design your own class by combining them together.


Stretch Classes.
Our stretch classes are designed to rejuvenate the body and will leave you feeling open and energised. Use them to warm up, cool down, or as a recovery session.


Mindfulness and Meditation.
Restore and revitalise your body, mind and soul with one of our guided meditations.

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